The Value Of Google Result Positioning


How much is the top spot on Google actually worth?  According to data from the Chitika network, it’s worth a ton – double the traffic of the #2 spot, to be precise.

In order to find out the value of SEO, we looked at a sample of traffic coming into our advertising network from Google and broke it down by Google results placement.
The top spot drove 34.35% of all traffic in the sample, almost as much as the numbers 2 through 5 slots combined, and more than the numbers 5 through 20 (the end of page 2) put together.

“Obviously, everyone knows that the #1 spot on Google is where you want to be,” says Chitika research director Daniel Ruby.  “It’s just kind of shocking to look at the numbers and see just how important it is, and how much of a jump there is from 2 to 1.”

The biggest jump, percentage-wise, is from the top of page 2 to the bottom of page 1.  Going from the 11th spot to 10thsees a 143% jump in traffic.  However, the base number is very low – that 143% jump is from 1.11% of all Google traffic to 2.71%.  As you go up the top page, the raw jumps get bigger and bigger, culminating in that desired top position.

Google Result Impressions Percentage
1 2,834,806 34.35%
2 1,399,502 16.96%
3 942,706 11.42%
4 638,106 7.73%
5 510,721 6.19%
6 416,887 5.05%
7 331,500 4.02%
8 286,118 3.47%
9 235,197 2.85%
10 223,320 2.71%
11 91,978 1.11%
12 69,778 0.85%
13 57,952 0.70%
14 46,822 0.57%
15 39,635 0.48%
16 32,168 0.39%
17 26,933 0.33%
18 23,131 0.28%
19 22,027 0.27%
20 23,953 0.29%

Numbers are based on a sample of 8,253,240 impressions across the advertising network in May, 2010.

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Managed Services

Managed Services for Organic Search Engine Optimization: Attain and Sustain Results!

To receive any perceivable traffic from search engines, you must be in the top 30 results, and preferably in the top 10; consider that approximately 90% of users do not look past 3rd page.

Our long term approach means that we are continually investing in research to keep on top of the ever changing search engine algorithms so that we can implement these changes into your website. We do not try to trick search engines, but rather work with what we know they consider important, now and in the foreseeable future.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

 Keyword Strategy

Proper keyword selection is the foundation of any good search engine effort. If you select the wrong keyword, there is either too little search volume or poor conversion rates. In either case the result is the same: NO CLIENTS!


  • We run predictive queries to determine the level of search traffic and go after terms that have sufficient search volume.
  • Potential for conversion is evaluated against the level of search traffic. Our goal is to get your site high quality traffic, not just quantity.
  • We evaluate the competitiveness of the Keywords to be targeted. The level of competitiveness of your keywords helps us to evaluate which In-page and Off- page strategies that will be necessary to get you results.


In-page Strategy

What changes are required to your site to enable it to rank well for the terms identified in the Keyword Strategy?


  • Can the site be retrofitted, or does a new site need to be created?
  • What impediments prevent search engine spiders from crawling the site, and how can these impediments be rectified?
  • What content needs to be created? How should existing elements and tags be tweaked?


The In-Page Strategy will answer these questions, and specify exact recommendations.


Content Strategy / Authority Building:

Now that keywords have been selected as the foundation of your search campaign, do you have the necessary content to attempt to compete for those search terms? Is your content unique and compelling enough to differentiate itself from the thousands or even millions of other pages out there on the topic? Quality content is one of the fundamental KEYS to attracting relevant quality links from other sites, and therefore in securing superior search engine rankings. Quality content is the only strategy condoned by Google, Yahoo, and MSN!

With the advent of Universal Search, many types of content now exist, and provide opportunities to rank. Some opportunities are:
a. textual content
b. images/picture
c. videos
d. user ratings and reviews
e. widgets and calculators
f. user generated content
g. press releases/news
h. location on a map (Google Local)
i. and much more.


When done properly, content is not only distinctive, but can position the author as an authority in his/her space. Being viewed as an authority has many advantages, including the attraction of many more opportunities related to quality relevant links. Potential clients are also partially sold before arriving at the sites of authorities.

PLEASE NOTE: Content creation and authority building does require client time and effort. SEP are not the authorities in your industry … and will never be! SEP staff can guide you through processes to help identify such content opportunities, and can save you significant time, but client involvement in intermediate and advanced programs is absolutely crucial!


Content Management System Evaluation

Is your Content Management System search engine friendly? Can site crawlers dispatched by search engines easily navigate your site?


  • Does it use forced cookies or session ids?
  • Does it allow for unique html titles and metatags?
  • Is the navigation search engine friendly?

Content Management System evaluation will answer these questions and provide recommendations and where possible, alternatives to common content management issues.

 Off-Page Strategy

Search engines consider quality, relevant links from other sites valuable in terms of being able to infer site popularity. Links can also be valuable in driving qualified traffic directly to your web site.


The Off-Page strategy defines the approaches required to attain relevant links from other related web sites to secure rankings in the short term and the long term. Elements often include:


  • Article syndication
  • The creation of Branded Tools
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogs
  • Directory links
  • and much more

SEP has pioneered many ethical approaches to Off-Page optimization, designed to simultaneously drive qualified traffic directly to sites while improving the site’s position in search engines.


PR Optimization

Journalists are increasingly relying on major search engines for their research. If you happen to be one of the sources they use, your company could receive an immense boost in online traffic due to the publicity.


98% of reporters go online daily … 73% to find press releases … 92% for article research!

Press release optimization is quickly gaining in popularity for many reasons:


  • When your press release is sent through traditional methods to thousands of publications and media, it may or may not get picked up and printed. PR Optimization is an opportunity to get your release in through the back door, by reporters doing article research!
  • It may also generate thousands of additional links, which of course improve your standing in search engines substantially.
  • Finally PR Optimization gets your most timely topics indexed by the search engines quickly.


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